17th August 2016

Plane Catering Folder – Spot UV & Embossing

If you know Print Techniques, you will know that combining spot UV (Ultra Violet) and Embossing requires skill and experience.  If you get these techniques wrong, you are in for expensive reprint. Get it right and if you use them together, you are in for a stylish way to improvise your brand or logo.

The featured folder was for Plane Catering who wanted to use both techniques with the main circle being embossed and spot UV while the logo was spot UV only.


This is the process of “forcing” the design element through the card stock from the opposite side of the card. The embossed elements are raised one side and indented on the other.

Spot UV

Specific areas of the product are treated with a glossy coating. This effect makes the treated areas slightly raised with a “coated” effect.

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